emliviar community guidelines

EMLIVIAR’s goal is to make shopping for modern design simple. Part of that mission is making our customers feel comfortable in their decision to shop with us. That’s where you come in. We encourage our supportive community to share their authentic and thorough feedback to help others feel confident in every purchase they make.

Whether it’s writing a product review on our website or sharing your perspective on our social channels, your feedback will help customers build trust in our quality designs and improve the shopping experience for our community. As we continue to build a trustworthy, inclusive environment, we ask that you follow our community guidelines:

  • Be authentic. When it comes to leaving feedback, honesty is the best policy. Customers want to hear the good and the not-so-good. Your unbiased opinions make for the most helpful and reliable opinions. When reviewing or posting, be real and tell it like it is.
  • Be thorough. The more detail you provide, the better. If you’re writing a review, what were the color and size of the item you bought? How does it look in your space? Has it held up well over time? Be as comprehensive as you can be. Think about what you value when reading customer reviews or social posts.
  • Be respectful. Think before you write. Any posts containing offensive, harmful, or inappropriate content will be removed. Let’s continue to champion a safe, inclusive, inspiring community.

At EMLIVIAR, we believe that we are stronger together. Thank you for helping strengthen our community and improve the shopping experience for everyone.